I created this
animation in Maya for
the 10 Second Club
competition. The
character was created
and rigged by Andre
This is an excerpt from
Remote Control that I
animated in Maya. The
characters were
designed and rigged by
the guys at rigging 101.
I animated two run
cycles in Maya and
then combined them
to make one funny
I animated this in Maya
as an example of
This is a ladder climb
test I animated in Maya.
I animated this in Maya
in 2002. The rig was
created by Radiant
This is a group project
from 1999 where we
animated a Coke
commercial in
Lightwave in about two
weeks. I animated and
rigged the ice cubes in
the first three shots.
Click the images to view my animations
I created this scene in
Maya for an animation
test. I heard there really
were sticks of dynamite
with numeric combos in
70's , really....